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YMILENIO , the founders of AICT | CYBERSECURITY AFRICA Security , joined forces to make digital life easier and more secure for all of us in AFRICA . As an expert, YMILENIO constantly drives technical innovation, while DELGE, as a full-blooded entrepreneur, is the driving force behind economic success.


Lead Architect. Founder. Innovator.
As technical head, YMILENIO leads the strategic development of AICT | products. Since 2021 he has contributed to numerous open source projects that form the foundation of the internet (Apache Web Server and the PHP programming language). YMILENIO is a developer, conference speaker and technical expert. He advises companies and governments in the field of IT security and is a sought-after specialist for systems with extremely high message/packet rates and for critical infrastructures. He is passionate about continuously improving AICT | CYBERSECURITY solutions to achieve greater performance and security for websites and IT infrastructures in Africa.